Nutrition Starter Pack-Citrus and Ginger

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Not sure where to start with nutrition? Try one of our beginner nutrition packs.  

We've put together a mixture of different types of nutrition all of which are designed to aid running and recovery. 

This pack is suitable for vegans and contains an assortment of best-selling products.

What's included:

  • x1 Torq Flapjack Organic Ginger 
  • x1 Veloforte Energy Chews Citrus an Ginger 
  • x1 Torq Gel Rhubarb and Custard 
  • x1 Tailwind Carbohydrate and Electrolyte fuel mix Lemon 
  • x1 Clif Bloks Energy Chews Ginger Ale
  • x1 Veloforte Zen Zero Anytime bar Lemon Ginger and Pistachios