Brooks Moving Comfort Embody

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Sports bras are as critical as performance running shoes no matter the breast size.

Embody is an underwire style with unparalleled comfort and control that allows fuller-cupped women to feel more supported than ever before. This high impact sports bra is specifically designed for DD to G cups.

Features - 

  • Underwire supports each breast individually.
  • Convertible straps for a customised look.
  • Back-adjustable, bonded, and padded straps improve fit and enhance comfort.
  • Adjustable, soft padded back closure for perfect fit and  support.
  • Soft, brushed bottom band stretches for flexible movement.
  • Encapsulation means that each breast is supported individually to give better shape and to protect the breast tissue for moving any direction.
  • Compression presses the breast tissue close to chest wall to limit the motion.

Embody will be a great match for you -

If you have fuller bust and you are struggling to find a sports bra that fits and supports you right,

If you would like your sports bra to be adjustable,

If you do variety of high impact exercise,

Perfect sports bra for running.