Mizuno Wave Rider 25 Women's Blue Indigo White Diva Pink

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The new Wave Rider 25 represents 25 years of Mizuno’s innovative running footwear technology.  Reaching a quarter of a century milestone, Mizuno celebrates the 25th anniversary of its most iconic running shoe: the Wave Rider. Fully updated, the Wave Rider 25 features the brand’s top running footwear technologies and
is designed to provide all runners with the best running experience as they meet their goals and enjoy their running journey.
The Wave Rider 25 is suited for neutral runners who want an every-day shoe that delivers a propulsive feeling at each step.
Featuring the best of Mizuno’s running technology: MIZUNO WAVE and MIZUNO ENERZY, the Wave Rider 25 is a symbol of Mizuno’s commitment to provide comfort and a smoother, more efficient running experience.  
The latest updates include a full new upper and midsole construction to enhance its propulsive feeling.  A full-length MIZUNO ENERZY top midsole and a MIZUNO ENERZY reinforcement on the heel wedge makes the Wave Rider 25 feel even more dynamic and responsive than its predecessors. Featuring a new MIZUNO WAVE shape, it provides more stability for an effortless running.

The MIZUNO WAVE technology was introduced into Mizuno running shoes in 1997, with the Wave Rider 1 debuting a wave shaped plate. Since then, the brand has evolved and perfected this technology to suit all types of runners with a range of different wave constructions, each made for a specific type of runner. It provides a unique combination of cushioning and stability, and it is key to the propulsive feeling of the Wave Rider 25. The MIZUNO WAVE plate of the new Wave Rider 25 is now also
sustainable, made of castor oil derived from castor beans.

The MIZUNO ENERZY mid-sole material has been developed with the mission to enhance performance capacity and guarantee that athletes retain more of the energy that they put in. All whilst providing an overall more comfortable feeling. This technology is extremely soft and responsive, which improves the overall running experience whilst still maintaining stability.

The Wave Rider 25 is a fully vegan running shoe and its upper features a double jacquard engineered mesh for a smoother, perfect fit, and a 3D multicolour design that adds depth and richness.  The Wave Rider 25 weighs in at 275g (men’s, size 8UK).