Noene No2 Shock absorbing insole

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Noene Insoles have been scientifically developed to provide maximum shock dissipation from minimum thickness. This protects the body from 94 to 98% of rebound shockwave energy that can substantially reduce the risk of sustaining common overuse injuries such as stress fractures of the lower limbs, pelvis and back, tendon problems, shin splints and disc related back injuries. With their ultra lightweight, they will not interfere with the balance and integrity of your chosen sports shoe.

Suited for all sports and activities For users under 95 kg, Ideal for indoor, outdoor and extreme sports, such as running, tennis, football, rugby, parachuting and paragliding, as well as for military and special force personnel.
  • Thin shock absorbing insoles 
  • Suit any shoe type
  • Care: hand-wash with a mild soap