On Running Performance Tee Women's Ice White

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  • Performance running t-shirt for racing
  • Breathable back – and front - The back of this t-shirt is covered by a highly breathable, moisture-control mesh fabric that lets you feel free and never restrained while you’re in movement.
  • Fast-dry front - It’s one of those things that once you have it, you can’t be without it. The tear-proof front of the Performance-T has been engineered with fast-dry, high-tech fabrics that shield, dry and protect.
  • Technology-T - Swiss Engineering – that’s what we call it when all of these different features can be brought together to work in harmony. All taped. All seamless. All engineered for your run in one.
  • Staying fresh - The fabric of the Performance-T is created with speciality treatment that you notice on long runs and short, allowing you to feel fresher both on your run and after it