Brooks Run on Nitro

Nitro Infuse your run!

What will Nitro bring to your run? Everything and more. Brooks innovative nitrogen infusion process amplifies your run for bigger benefits with zero compromises.

Nitrogen-infused DNA LOFT v3 and DNA FLASH

Our biggest innovation yet, nitrogen-infusion, unlocks a world of benefits by allowing us to tune cell structures and density in the DNA LOFT v3 and DNA FLASH midsoles to amplify your underfoot experience.

 DNA FLASH is our lightweight cushioning, built for speed. Soft but not quite as plush as DNA LOFT, you’ll find DNA FLASH only in our fastest racing and training shoes such as Hyperion Temp, Hyperion Max and Hyperion Elite. DNA FLASH technology is also infused with nitrogen..

By infusing  DNA LOFT foam with nitrogen, runners can have a supremely soft cushion experience. The latest DNA LOFT v3 is even softer, lighter and more responsive than DNA LOFT. Found in The Glycerin, Glycerin GTS and Caldera.