Glycerin Women's

Step into your softest run ever. With plenty of super soft DNA LOFT cushioning underfoot, the Glycerin delivers premium comfort mile after mile.

Our softest cushioning is called DNA LOFT. We designed it to feel super soft under your feet, yet remain durable and responsive. And did we mention that it’s lighter than ever?

  • Super soft, but never too squishy
  • Our cushioning technologies all start with DNA because they react to your unique stride.

The story of the Glycerin begins in the late 1990s — in true ‘90s northwest grunge spirit, the name was inspired by the song Glycerine by the band Bush. From early HydroFlow, to our new DNA LOFT, the Glycerin has always had our most innovative cushion tech.

The Glycerin will always function as our premium soft shoe, and as we grow options for runners through support and fit we see the Glycerin line continuing to be a favourite among runners.