The hidden piece of running kit that can make all the difference.  The humble running sock! Our range of socks includes top brands Feetures, Hilly 1000 mile, On and even the waterprood Sealskinz socks.  Technical lightweight running socks in a variety of sizes and lengths to suit your need.  

Running socks help to prevent blisters, keep your feet cool and  don't slip down in your shoes.  Much like running shoes there are many different socks out there and what works for one person may not be right for another but the main features to look out for in a sock are: 

  • Moisture wicking fabric to keep feet cool and dry 
  • Padding around areas where you're more likely to develop blisters,
  • Tightly woven around the arch for protection and  comfort and top stop slipping, 
  • Seamless design around toes so there's nothing to irritate the toes.