Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy & GDPR

We are committed to give our customers the very best of service and experience whether shopping in-store or online, so the following information is provided for transparancy so you know who we are and what information we collect and how we may use it.  Should you have any questions about the information we collect or how we use it you can contact us on the address below.

Running Form

Dallow House 12b Dallow Street



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01283 563331 


Store and website proprietor & Data Controller:

Philip Dutton

Information Collection

Information collected by Running Form is done so in accordance with GDPR.

What data is being collected and why?

It depends on whether you visit our store or our website, we only collect data relevant to your interaction with Running Form.  We only collect collect data that carries Legitimate Interest i.e you are interested in our products or services. 


Your name, address, email and telephone number and transaction history in order to process your order correctly. At the checkout you have the option to subscribe to our marketing if you so wish.  


Your Name, Postcode and a signature is required to confirm consent to use our treadmill and comply with our terms of service for Video Gait Analysis.  We also keep a record of your transactions to improve our service in-store.  You will have the option to supply your email address for us to keep you upto date with special offers etc. This is not mandatory and consent can be withdrawn at any time by clicking Unsubscribe at the bottom of any email.

Will your data be shared with third parties?

No, we do not share your personal data or transaction history with any third party, we never have and never will.

How long will your data be stored?

We store data for upto 2 years from initial consent, records are purged every 2 years.  You can Unsubscribe or request any personal data be removed at any time.

Your right to view data

Permission to view the data we hold can be requested verbally / written or via email and we will respond to your request as soon as we possibly can.  We aim for less than 1 week, but under GDPR we must supply it within one month.  The information request will be provided free of charge. 

Browsing Information

This website uses Cookies which collect aggregate information that tells us how you use the site, and what parts of the site interest you, however please note that this information is just a page of numbers - there is noting that can identify who you are or anything personal about you.  We use cookies to see what areas of the website are of interest and to assist your use and browsing of the website to improve your experience


We have a strict policy that we do not pass on any of your information with any other company or third party. Should you wish to no longer receive product information or special offers from Running Form please feel free to request to be removed from our list by emailing , or select Unsubscribe on our email newsletter


If you have any queries or complaints relating to your data please message Philip Dutton  via our Contact Us page.