Altra Provision 6 Men's Navy

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Designed for the mild overpronator, the Altra Provision 6 is an everyday road running shoe with unique stability features, balanced cushioning, and a roomy toe box.

The Provision 6 features Altra’s premium foam and modern stability technology giving slight overpronators a smooth ride and comfortable fit that is ideal for daily mileage. Complete with Altra’s traditional wide toe box and 0mm drop, the Provision 6 is a trustworthy shoe that provides the perfect amount of support exactly when you need it.

What You'll Love:

  • Support when needed
  • Premium midsole cushioning
  • Wider toe-box

By balancing soft foam with natural-feeling stability, the Altra Provision 6 gives runners a well-rounded ride suitable for any amount of mileage. The midsole of the Provision 6 is packed with AltraEGO foam that feels plush at the initial step in, but lightweight and smooth when cruising on the roads. Altra also added their GuideRail technology to provide bumper-like support that stabilizes runners when they need it but stays out of the way when they don't. Complete with a luxurious sandwich upper, the Altra Provision 6 is a great option for any slight overpronator looking for a go-to daily shoe.

What's New:

  • AltraEGO foam
  • New Upper
  • Overall lighter fit