Camelbak Crux Reservoir Cleaning Kit

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The all-in-one tool kit for faster cleaning and drying of your CamelBak CRUX™ Reservoir bladder.

The CRUX™ Cleaning Kit offers everything you need to clean the hydration bladder. With the special brush it is possible to clean the hydration bladder effectively, easily and quickly.

A long and flexible cable with an integrated brush is suitable for cleaning the hose. If you forget to clean the hydration bladder or you might want to clean it really well once a year, it is best to use the cleaning tablets.

The drying hook is also included in the set for quick drying and hanging up of the hydration bladder.

Two brushes and cleaning tabs keep your reservoir taste-free
Reservoir brush and Pureflow™ tube brush
Cleaning Tabs™ to keep your reservoir and tube free from taste and odor (with periodic cleaning)