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A revolutionary new computer-optimized technology joins the CloudTec family. For a whole new dimension of soft cushioning – enter the Cloudsurfer.

The Cloudsurfer’s cutting-edge CloudTec Phase midsole technology delivers a silky-smooth ride, for On’s most actively cushioned landings yet. This style is helping to pave a better future through sustainably-focused design, incorporating optimized recycled content and water-saving dope dye technology. Get ready to Make Waves, with the Cloudsurfer.

To unlock an optimized cushioning sensation, we left nothing to chance. Our new CloudTec Phase™ midsole technology has been created fusing human intuition with computer optimization for active cushioning.

As soon as your foot meets the ground, CloudTec Phase gets to work. Cloud by cloud, the midsole collapses in sequence to deliver a gentle heel-to-toe transition – a ride like you've never felt before.

Designed without plastic overlays. Built from 30% recycled materials. Manufactured using water-saving dope dye technology. Because sustainability mustn't take a back seat to comfort.