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OpenFit Air inherits the Shokz open-ear design, providing you with enhanced fitting comfort and steadiness thanks to the exclusive Shokz Air-Earhook. Listen to your playlist with a well-balanced sound for workout routines and day-to-day life, and find the pair that fits your style with 3 colour options.

Featuring our signature open-ear design, an adaptable ear hook for improved comfort,
and weighing only 8.7 g it’s not just what you want; it's what you didn't know you needed.

The Science of Fit
Meet the OpenFit Air’s ergonomic dual-bevel design, straight from the genius minds at Shokz Labs.
Through extensive studies and tests, they didn’t just engineer a fit; they engineered a steadfast, secure, stable fit — and looking sleek from the front.

OpenFit Air is your sound done right. With our exclusive DirectPitch™ tech, we're not just talking balanced; we're talking precise, keeping your audio where it belongs with even less sound leakage. And those specially designed tuning holes? They're all about keeping your tunes clear and natural.

Packed with a custom dynamic driver unit, the OpenFit Air delivers sound akin to a 16mm prototype, while the composite diaphragm ensures balanced highs, mids, and bass. Paired with built-in Dynamic Range Control (DRC), EQ levels adapt in real-time, hitting all the right notes. Personalize your sound in the Shokz App with four preset EQ modes.

Open-ear design for comfort

Shokz Air-earhook for steadiness

Situational awareness for safety

Up to 28 hours of playback for more fun

What's in the box:
OpenFit Air Earbuds*1
OpenFit Air Charging Case*1
USB-C Charging Cable*1
User Instructions*3