Torq Hydration Sampler Bottle x6 hydration sachets

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A TORQ Bottle containing 6 sachets of TORQ Hydration drink (2 of each flavour). Each sachet makes 500ml. Bottle alone worth £5.99.

TORQ Hydration Drink uses passive and facilitated transport mechanisms to optimise fluid and electrolyte delivery. Its hypotonic formulation capitalises on the passive transport process, whilst the high sodium and mild glucose content drives the facilitated transport activity. This makes TORQ Hydration Drink the most thorough and effective hydration product on the market today, with significant benefits over electrolyte tablets. 
TORQ Hydration Drink can also be used as part of the TORQ Fuelling System during longer events as an alternative to TORQ Energy Drink and is a popular choice with runners who can combine it with TORQ Gels to satisfy their fuelling and hydration requirements.


  • x2 lemon hydration sachets
  • x2 tangerine hydration sachets 
  • x2 watermelon sachets