Torq Recovery Mixer Bottle x4 Recovery Sachets

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TORQ’s award-winning Recovery drink uses a research-proven 3:1 carbohydrate : whey protein isolate formulation with a full vitamin and mineral content. Mixing with water, TORQ Recovery is enhanced with 2 potent ingredients:- Glutamine for muscle protection and Ribose for cellular recharge.

Best consumed within 15 minutes of exercise completion, our Recovery Drink Mixer Sample pack comprises 1 x 50g sample size sachet of all 4 Recovery flavours plus our TORQ Mixer with fluid level markings for accurate mixing, and an internal strainer to ensure a silky smooth texture.

TORQ mixer bottles are BPA-free. Flavours included: 1 x Strawberries & Cream, 1 x Chocolate Mint, 1 x Cookies & Cream, 1 x Banana & Mango