Ultimate Performance Shoe Elastic Laces

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Ultimate Performance Elastic Laces are ideal for sport, especially running shoes. They combine an incredibly tough elastic bungee cord with a spring-loaded lock. This gives them a firm, secure and comfortable fit for your shoes. Suitable for all types of shoes, especially running and fitness shoes.

Our brightly coloured elastic laces are perfect for running shoes because they have a high visibility reflective fleck. As a result you are that little bit safer running at night or low light levels. They are easy to fit and simple to use. You will never need to tie another shoe lace.
Benefits of Elastic Laces in running shoes:
Easily adjustable.
Trim to fit any shoe.
Perfect for all styles of running shoe, trainer or casual lace up.
Available in a wide range of colours.
How do I use Elastic Laces?
You lace your shoes in exactly the same way as you would with normal laces but with the added bonus that you don't have to tie them in the same way. Different people prefer to lace their shoes in different ways.