UP Ultimate Compression Hinged Knee Support Black

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Although thinner than traditional neoprene styles the compressive design still gives that high level of support that you need. It is ideal for those who are allergic to or dislike the bulk and heat generation of neoprene or latex.

The breathable, compressive four-way stretch of the material targets support to the area’s most requiring it. This mimics the support and action planes of key ligaments and tendons to reinforce them.
What is it suitable for?
Mild to moderate knee ligament sprains and joint injuries including ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL. Weak and unstable knees.

Technical Information:
  • Bi-axial hinges protect against hyper-extension.
  • Tailored design helps prevent bunching behind the knee.
  • The pack contains 1 support
  • Size Guide:
  • Available in 4 sizes. For sizing measure around the centre of the knee whilst the leg is straight: SMALL 12-14″ (30-35cm), MEDIUM 14-16″ (35-40cm), LARGE 16-18″ (40-45cm), XL 18-20″ (45-50cm)
  • Care: Hand wash