Mizuno Wave Daichi 7 Women's Jazzy - Bluebird - Blue Opal

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A shoe to match the adventurous spirit of the trail runner. The new Wave Daichi 7 trail running shoe features a MIZUNO WAVE for increased structure with EVA for increased stability without sacrificing cushioning.

Smooth Stretch Woven Upper
Supplying feet with a comfortable smooth stretch-woven upper construction, the Wave Daichi 7 Trail Shoes keep feet feeling prepared for the whole challenge. The uppers provide a sock-like comforting fit, to not only keep feet secure but also keep them protected from the trail ahead. The fabrics allow cool, fresh air to surround your feet, preventing discomfort from overheating. The shoes have an adjustable upper to ensure that your feet remain locked in, prevent in-shoe slippage and supply feet with a great anchor. There is a heel loop at the back of the shoe to allow them to be easily put on and taken off.

Mizuno Wave Midsole
Mizuno's Wave technology is embedded into the midsole to provide flexibility in one direction and support in the other. The midsole technology works to absorb the shock of heel striking without compromising comfort or cushioning. Once the shock has been absorbed the energy from that is harnessed and is then transferred to the forefoot to then push you off and guide you onto the next movement. The wave prevents partial deformation and provides dynamic support to stabilise and guide the foot forward. A U4ic compound also features in the midsole of the Wave Daichi 7's and further delivers a stress-free cushioned ride with a high level of rebound. Furthermore, the midsole harnesses Mizuno's innovative AP+ midsole compound. AP+ guarantees an amazing ride providing cushioning and comfort levels that just go on feeling new due to a huge improvement in durability.

Michelin Outsole
The outsole of the Wave Daichi 7 is constructed from a Michelin rubber. This outsole delivers unprecedented traction and grip across all surfaces. Working in tandem with the outsole rubber Mizuno has added their XtaRide lug construction which is their own technical trail concept. This concept encompasses Xtatic lugs and Xtatic grooves to help adapt and work in perfect harmony, getting the best possible results on unpredictable trails.

Smooth Stretch Woven Upper - Breathable upper with a sock-like fit.
Heel Loop - Allows an easy on and off.
Adjustable Upper - For a secure fit.
Mizuno Wave - Redirects impact forces away from the foot, whilst also offering superb cushioning and stability.
U4ic - For a stress-free ride.
AP+ Midsole - Enhancing durability underfoot.
Michelin Outsole - For grip on all surfaces.