UP Advanced Ultimate Compression Wrist Brace with Splint

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A removable strap reinforced with a rigid aluminium stay plate provides additional support by keeping fully in place at all times whilst retaining the wrist and hand in a neutral position with no tension or strain. The Advanced Ultimate Compression Wrist Support can be worn in 3 days. 1. Base unit only (Mild support) 2. Base unit with trap system only (mid support) 3. Base unit with aluminium stay inserted (Advanced support) Wearing Instructions Remove advanced straps, temporrily securely loosely to the stay pocket. Place hand in sleeve and ensure velcro runs straight down the palm. Place stay on the palm, thin strap uppermost. Wrap lower, wide Advanced Strap around the wrist and adjust tension to the desired level. Wrap upper strap between thumb and forefinger around the hand (Secure to palm velcro square). Secure with desired tension.