Why should you buy compression gear?

Why should you buy compression gear?

Who are 2XU?

2XU (pronounced "Two Times You") was launched when former professional triathlete Jamie Hunt turned his passion for sport into an obsession with performance fabrics. 2XU was first created in Melbourne, Australia in 2005.

2XU started out as a specialist running and triathlon brand, and has become the world’s most technical apparel company, with their mission being to multiply human performance. 2XU apparel are proven by independent, scientific research to deliver physiological benefits to athletes of all abilities. All 2XU compression fabric is quality tested for power and recovery properties.

Why should you wear compression gear?

2XU apparel enables athletes to train harder, perform stronger and recover faster by increasing blood flow and oxygenation to your muscles.

Improves Performance

  • Gains of up to 10.6 seconds over a 10km run
  • 5% improvement in Peak Power and a 18% increase in Blood Flow to the quadriceps
  • Power improvement of up to 1.4% for exercise bouts up to 30 minutes. 

Reduces Risk of Injury

  • Reduces muscle soreness and movement of quadriceps, calves and surrounding soft tissue

  • Delivers lower markers of blood clotting in a marathon

  • Up to 2.5% reduction in Heart Rate for exercise bouts lasting up to 15 minutes.

Speeds up Recovery

  • 4.8% increase in Blood lactate (waste product that can hinder performance and recovery) removal in a 60 minute recovery period

  • Reduced swelling to the thigh by 1.1cm and to the calf by 0.06cm which is based on girth measurements when worn in a 60 minute recovery period.

  • Power improvements of up to 2% when worn for recovery between bouts of exercise 

    Why 2XU is better than other brands with compression?

    More than twice the compression power of other brands. 2XU's PWX (Power Weight Flexibility) compression fabric has been developed to be the world's lightest, most powerful and most flexible compression fabric that allows for ultimate performance.

    PWX fabric has a circular knit multi-directional stretch that allows for power and comfort. The circular knit fabric uses the highest grade nylon and elastometric yarns to maintain consistent compression power and have minimal stretch after repeated use.

    The 2XU Italian fabric engineered in agreement with RMIT University’s fabric technology testing delivers extreme cooling properties while being exceptionally aerodynamic. 2XU apparel are backed by almost a decade of research from the world renowned Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) and RMIT University.


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