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As the seasons are changing,  the mornings and evenings are becoming darker. For many with busy schedules, running during daylight hours is not possible, which often means running in low light or dark conditions.  

While it may seem daunting, don't be discouraged running in the dark. Here are our expert tips for safe night time running.

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Running and Nutrition There is an abundance of information about what to eat and drink whilst running which can make it difficult to know where to start. I will try and break it down and give you some basic guidelines to follow and also share from personal experience about what has worked for me.Let’s just say from the outset there is no one nutrition product that will magically make you run faster if you haven’t done the training. Putting in the hard miles consistently in training is vital. Also, what you are putting in to your body the rest of...

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 If you're new to running it can be very overwhelming navigating the masses of sports equipment out there marketed towards runners.  In this post we aim to break it down for you to help YOU decide what's really 'essential' for new runners.  Whether you are aiming to do the couch to 5k or run a marathon, your first and most important bit of kit is your running shoes. if you're going to splash out the cash on anything your shoes are the one bit of kit to do it on! That's not saying that your shoes have to be super...

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