Top Tips for Running Safely in the Dark

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Top Tips for Running Safely in the Dark

As the seasons are changing,  the mornings and evenings are becoming darker. For many with busy schedules, running during daylight hours is not possible, which often means running in low light or dark conditions.  

While it may seem daunting, don't be discouraged running in the dark. Here are our expert tips for safe night time running.

 Stay visibleWear reflective gear and brightly coloured clothing. It is essential other pedestrians and road users can see you.  Make sure you can be seen from the front and the back.  A lot of kit now has 360 visibility so you can be seen from any angle. 


Tell someone where you're going: Make sure to always let someone know where your going. That way if you aren't home by your expected time you can ask them to contact you.  On all of the new Garmin watches you can live track and  share your route with a friend or family members so they can see where you're going. 

Vary your routes: Always running the same route at the same time can make you a target as people can predict when and where you will be at a certain time.  Along the same lines you can also hide the starts and ends of your run on Strava and other fitness apps so people can't see where you live or where you regularly run from. 

Run with others where possible: As the saying goes, there's safety in numbers, so where possible run with a group or a friend.  There are loads of fantastic  running clubs locally that are always happy to welcome new members.

Avoid Loud Music: Although we all love to listen to music or a podcasts whilst running, it can make us less aware of our surroundings and distract us from traffic, people and obstacles around us. Its best to avoid using noise cancelling headphones or listening to music too loudly.  Bone conduction/ open ear  headphones work very well for this purpose. You can enjoy your music while staying connected to the world around you!

Lights: Running lights not only make you more visible, but they also contribute to your overall safety. When you can see and be seen, you can avoid potential hazards and navigate your surroundings more effectively.

Trust your instincts: Believe in your instincts, they're often right! If a situation makes you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, run a different route or back home. 

Take your phone: Take your phone with you. That way you can call anyone needed and there are several safety/ tracking apps you can download on to your phone to take with you. There are a variety of belts and packs you can fit your phone in here.

Remember there's always the treadmill if running in the dark is uncomfortable for you. Additionally, you can stay fit by cross training on indoor bikes or swimming instead of going for a run.  As always stay safe and enjoy!




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