Race heartbreak?

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Race heartbreak?

Sometimes after all the training things don't go to plan on race day. If you're suffering with disappointment after the weekend try and stay positive. These words may help:


Do Not Fear those dreaded demoralizing words
Do Not Focus on their suffocating negative emotion
Despondency Now Felt
Yes you
Did Not Finish
Do Not Forget everything achieved on the journey here
Did Not Falter during the training to make it to the start
Dark Nights Feeling so long in the cold wet months of sacrifice and suffering
Discipline Now Forged through rigid application
Daring Novel Future ignited as a bright passion intensifies
Delightful New Friendships formed in the nervous wait to begin
Determined Not Frightened to embrace this physical and emotional test
Distance Not Far is your mantra
Did Not Fret with anxiety of the unknown challenge awaiting
Did Not Follow others exploding off but later passed as they exposed their pained suffering and exhaustion
Drifting Neatly Flowing along with a calm sense of belief and belonging
Dreaming Not Flapping about the arduous later miles ahead
Deepening Nagging Feeling of knotted pain increasing
Desperately Not Frowning but camouflaging the piercing twisted agony for the cameras
Debilitating Nauseous Foreboding as the intolerable agony makes you run like a drunk
Dizzy Nearly Fainting
Decision Now Faced as to shuffle onwards ever slower or cease this tortuous charade
Do No Foolish thing like this ever again
Do Nothing Forever will be an adopted new motto until the disappointment heals
Deliberately Not Finishing is an agonizing heroic healing decision
Do Not Fear as you will return stronger
Do Not Forget all accomplished and a life transformed
Did Not Fail

Words by: David Garb

Illustration: Harkiran Kalsi

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